How to Hold is an exhibit and project that intends to embody everlasting cycles, and represent a body in continuous adaptation, transformation, and gradual understanding. It is an installation that interweaves various dimensions of support systems as found throughout architecture, methods of display, social dynamics, and mental processes. It re-contextualizes these to become a space-holder for narratives, while playing with the dynamics of a "stage" and its spectator space. 

How to Hold invites different artists to collaborate with this space-scape; the ongoing exhibit includes a light choreography and light-scape created by Dutch artist Nikki Hock, and a soundscape created by American artist David Hopkins. 

Throughout the month and a half of the exhibit's trajectory,  temporary narratives will be brought by other artists; The first activation of these stage installation will be on Thursday May 2nd, 18:00 - 21:00,  from American poet Genine Lentine, who currently lives in San Francisco, CA. 

Tiago de Abreu Pinto - How to Hold - Julia Aurora Guzmán

Pillar as Nest
2019, Cement, plastic, marblecast, hydrocal, fiberglass, wax, fabric, mesh, thread, 36 x 184 x 290 cm


Duo-exhibit with Dutch-Vietnamese artist Simone Hoang, at the main section of Art Rotterdam 2019, with Galerie Fontana.

Navigating Through Patterns
2019, Fabric, Mesh, thread, metal, 14 x 188 x 250 cm 

Arch being Held  2018, Metal, plastic, cement , 28 x 43 x 3 cm

Arch being Held
2018, Metal, plastic, cement , 28 x 43 x 3 cm