Navigating Through Patterns

I was invited to participate in a group exhibition at Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam, by temporary collective NoDoughCollective, to create site specific work which relied entirely on the use of scrap, recycled and donated materials. Through the course of one week, we transformed the space into a testing ground for intuitive making, site specific exploration and creative collaboration. My work meant to be a ground portal for my abstract self, which hung above. I took the opportunity to create intuitively and to materialize introspective processes regarding my new adaptation and move to the Netherlands early 2018.


Navigating Through Patterns
2018, Mesh, foam, plastic, thread, 71 x 152 x 238 cm

2018, foam, mesh, plexiglass, paint, 48 x 81 x 25 cm

Teeth Arch
2018, AcrylicOne, fiberglass, foam, mesh, 102 x 64 x 20 cm